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Mini World

Posted by on Aug 18, 2018 in Featured, Miscellaneous

Today I finally had a chance to visit MinNature Malaysia. I’ve been really interested in taking a look at this place since they opened. The details were superb. All the models were to scale, showing an amazing attention to details. The models were mostly printed on 3D printers, and attached using super glue. Some of the models came with lights, sounds and smoke. The trains could even move! My hat’s off to the amazing people who put this together. Some of the pictures I got from my visit (more available on my FB album): With their ongoing Merdeka promotion, it’s definitely a good time to go pay a visit! I’m already planning my next visit...

Food Styling Workshop

Posted by on May 20, 2018 in Featured, Miscellaneous

I’d nothing better to do yesterday, so I decided to sign up for the free food styling workshop. It was in P.S. Tokyo, just a few streets away. I didn’t really learn anything new (having already read up a lot on food styling), but it was really interesting to see the photographer in action. Here are some of the photos I...


Posted by on May 9, 2018 in Personal

Malaysia was already an established country when I began school. All we knew at that time was that we had a strong Prime Minister, and that the country was doing well. When the political upheavals began, I was still not feeling all that involved at first. The economic breakdown in the 1990s affected me badly, yes, but I still managed to get a job, and still managed to scrape a living. The thing is, these things pile up. What does not seem a big matter at first, would act as straws on a camel’s back – sooner or later you feel that enough is enough. I’ve been through a few elections, and this is the first one I feel really involved in. I cannot remember an earlier election that had a bigger turnout at such an early hour before. I saw senior citizens waiting patiently in line the whole morning; some going through two hours or more in the queue before managing to get into the voting halls. To have the whole country unified is not easy – but one man has seemingly managed to do it this time. He’s got most of the country united – against him....