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Another Graduation…

Posted by on Jul 7, 2017 in Personal

Another Graduation…

(Picture courtesy of Aishath Raya.)

And there goes another batch of graduates…

Every year, students complete their courses, and move on with their lives. But what, exactly, are they going on to? What did we prepare them for?

This year was a little different. Just before graduation, I lost not one, but two of my ex-students. The first one was one of my first students in SEGi Kota Damansara. He was a good student in the Interior Design course. He was attentive in class… a little prone to debates, but still progressed well. I only saw the occasional posts on Facebook after graduation, but he looked like he was doing well. Learning of his death was a big blow.

And then, not even two days later… I heard that a Fairview ex-student had also passed away. I only taught her for that one quarter, but I remember her well – cheerful and outgoing, a popular girl all around with her classmates. I was looking forward to seeing her on Honours’ Day.

As a teacher, students touch our lives in so many ways – even if we only have them in class for a single session. I remember most of my students, and I hope they are happy.

The deaths of these two students, so close to each other, has made me question our educational system – are we doing the right things? Are we preparing them for life?

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