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Fun with English – with Lydia Teh

Posted by on Oct 27, 2013 in Events

Fun with English – with Lydia Teh

DSC_7135From the time I was young, I’ve been really interested in reading. There is no substitute for a book. What other hobby would allow me to escape the mundane world that completely?

DSC_7127The Malaysian Writing Scene

Reading the best books around became a sort of obsession with me. Most of the books I’ve read when I was young was written by authors overseas. When I could not find good books in the library, the newspaper columns became a good substitute.

One of the columnists who caught my eye at an early age was Lydia Teh. I scoured The Star at that time, looking out for her articles. When she stopped writing, I was really disappointed.

Then, I started seeing her books in the bookstore. I was really happy that she’d started to write again.

DSC_7118Fun with English

I contacted Lydia through her blog a few weeks ago, and she graciously agreed to meet up with me after a talk she was conducting with her illusionist, Diana Chan, for Popular’s Book Fair. She was really kind during our chat – super easy to talk to.



DSC_7134Promoting the Use of English

Both Lydia and Diana were really entertaining during the talk. The questions were challenging, and I could see that the kids who were there were trying their best. Lydia also gave the kids some tips on improving their English. I had a really interesting evening, all together.

The book they were promoting was great. When I first saw The Wordy Tales of Eh Poh Nim, I was really surprised. This did not seem like her usual style of writing. Yesterday, I finally found out that they were a compilation from her earlier Mind Your English columns for The Star.

Lydia also told me that her new book should be coming out soon. I can’t wait!

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