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Posted by on May 9, 2018 in Personal


Malaysia was already an established country when I began school. All we knew at that time was that we had a strong Prime Minister, and that the country was doing well.

When the political upheavals began, I was still not feeling all that involved at first. The economic breakdown in the 1990s affected me badly, yes, but I still managed to get a job, and still managed to scrape a living.

The thing is, these things pile up. What does not seem a big matter at first, would act as straws on a camel’s back – sooner or later you feel that enough is enough.

I’ve been through a few elections, and this is the first one I feel really involved in. I cannot remember an earlier election that had a bigger turnout at such an early hour before. I saw senior citizens waiting patiently in line the whole morning; some going through two hours or more in the queue before managing to get into the voting halls.

To have the whole country unified is not easy – but one man has seemingly managed to do it this time. He’s got most of the country united – against him.

Tonight decides the fate of Malaysia. Let’s keep our (inked) fingers crossed.

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