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Photos Galore!

Posted by on Sep 11, 2017 in Events

Photos Galore!

Saturday marked the 11th Canon Photomarathon in Malaysia. The number of participants had increased this year, it seemed. It didn’t look that way to me…

Registration was at 7am at usual. By 8am, most of the counters were already freed up. The event started with the normal instructions at 8.45am. This year, there was also a special 30th anniversary theme – “Moments that Matter”.

The first theme was “Grin”. It was super difficult to catch people grinning candidly so early in the morning. I finally managed to get this lady on the monorail…

The second theme was “Rain”. I could see that most of the contestants were stumped at first. The skies were a little grey, yes, but there was not a single drop of rain. A lot of photographers decided to get creative. My entry for the second theme was a lucky shot…

And finally, the third theme was announced – “Silhouette”. The sun was nowhere to be seen. I decided to just submit something close by…

And yes, there’s the finisher medal! Not bad – it’s quite heavy.

Winning photos are not up yet, but should be available here later.

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