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Amber Chia Academy 4th Graduation

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in Fashion & Lifestyle

Amber Chia Academy 4th Graduation

On Friday, Amber Chia Academy (ACA) held their graduation ceremony at Paradigm Mall.


Next, previous graduates appeared on the stage, followed by instructors of ACA.







After that, there were two performances featuring Crystal Lee and Koujee.


The fashion show began with a section featuring Pensonic products.


This was followed by a dance performance.


The modelling graduates then took to the stage.






Koujee returned after that, with young Sawyer Leong.


The kid models then had the run of the stage.












Nail art came next.




The last part of the fashion show featured creations by the make-up graduates of ACA. Make-up guru, Desmond Yoi, also took his turn on stage.













Finally, the certificates were given out to all graduates. It was a great evening all together.

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