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Another Medal…

Posted by on Oct 21, 2018 in Personal

Another Medal…

The Photomarathon was yesterday. This time, there were a lot more participants.

The registration started at 7am. My friend and I reached the registration at 7.03am, and there was already a looonnnngg queue.

The event T-shirt this year was also a bit of a surprise. The brown and green camouflage pattern made a nice change from the usual red and white T-shirts. Even the material was more satisfying – a dry fit cloth that absorbed sweat better.

The themes this time were a bit more challenging. There was also a special sponsor’s theme.

Theme 1 – Hidden

Theme 2 – Beauty of Earth

Theme 3 – Fragile

Special Theme – Life in the Sun

There was an extra Canon camera keychain at the end. The completion medal this year was the first in a series of three – a metal flash lens. I can’t wait for the next two years’…

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