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Little Kickers

Posted by on Aug 25, 2013 in Miscellaneous

Little Kickers

(Photographs taken with permission from Little Kickers).

DSC_5806I recently heard about a football training programme for young kids aged 2 to 7 . Curious, I sent an email, and was invited to go take some pictures of the kids in action.

DSC_5774Let’s start with the marker.

DSC_5785Mine… all mine!

DSC_5802Warm up time… ssssttttrrreeetttccchhhh!

DSC_5791C’mon, daddy, stop this!

DSC_5797Off you go, then!

DSC_5838Take that, ball!

DSC_5832Help me, mummy.

DSC_5816Catch me if you can…

DSC_5813I’m faster!

DSC_5843Where do I put this?

DSC_5830Coach explains.

DSC_5824Dribbling is fun!

DSC_5823Small kicks, small kicks.

DSC_5855My turn at the goal… finally!

DSC_5858Yay, a sticker!

For more information, email Coach Kalvin or call 017-9400015.


  1. Brilliant photos and captions! Good job Jenny.

    Kalvin S
    Little Kickers Malaysia

    • Thanks, Kalvin. Glad you like it 🙂

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