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Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Events

The Malaysia Supermodel Search is back. Now in its fifth year, the contest is sponsored by Paradigm Mall and YS Mobile. Yesterday, the contest was launched in Paradigm Mall, with a live audition of about 120 models. As was the case last year, the contest would be produced as an online reality programme. Nine webisodes would be produced, and will be airing every Wednesday from 9 September 2015. The grand finale would be on 1 November this year, and will take place at Paradigm Mall. Interested in supporting your favorite contestant? Keep an eye on the contest through their Youtube page,...

Graduation 2015

Posted by on Jul 5, 2015 in Personal

I guess June is a month for graduations and goodbyes. I really wanted to post this earlier, but a lot of things happened in these two weeks. When I first entered Fairview, these were my first students. They were naughty, they were mischievous, and boy, were they lazy! Throughout my two years with them, I remember nagging, scolding, persuading, and finally, convincing them that a high school certificate was really worth the trouble of doing late night assignments, studying hard, and thinking creatively out of the box. To my G11 2015 graduates: remember the lessons, the fun, the jokes, the tears, the uphill climbs of your MYP programme. But most of all, remember that you grew up in an international school. Everybody in this world is worthy of something – you just have to find out what. Do not judge people by the color of their skins, by what they look like, or by what God they pray to. Judge them by what’s inside of themselves. Good luck,...

AGAin Black

Posted by on Jun 7, 2015 in Events

For the fifth consecutive year, Amber Chia Academy conducted its Graduation Show on Friday. Once again, this installment was scheduled in Paradigm Mall. The theme this year was AGAin Black, and the fashion show included apparels by Fred Perry, InFLUENCE, Hide, and five young designers from Raffles Design Institutes (Serene Foo, Sylvia Soon, Diana Ashikin, Michelle Lee and Yong Chui Teng). Awards were also handed out to some outstanding graduates. The first three awards were handed out to Vendy Lee as the Most Promising Nail Artist 2015, Karol Foon as the Most Promising Makeup Artist (Bridal) 2015 and Sylvia Lim as the Most Promising Makeup Artist (KPMA) 2015. Then, the children’s awards were given out, to Hee Jo Ee as the Best Catwalk (Kid) 2015, Koo Chen Le as the Most Promising Male Kid Model 2015 and Venice Ng as the Most Promising Female Kid Model 2015. Finally, the last four awards were to Wilson Beh for Most Promising Male Commercial Face 2015, Yvonne Supang for Most Promising Female Commercial Face 2015, Jayden Yen for Most Promising Male Model 2015 and Bella Chee for Most Promising Female Model 2015. For more information, connect to Amber Chia Academy’s facebook page...

XIXILI Night Walks: In the Wilderness, We Walk Alone

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Fashion & Lifestyle

On Tuesday night, XIXILI conducted a fashion show of their Spring/Summer collection and highlights of their Autumn/Winter collection at Black Box, Publika. The lingerie fashion show was themed XIXILI Night Walks: In the Wilderness, We Walk Alone and made use of dark, mystical jungles as an inspiration. The scene was set nicely, making use of crisp sounds, earthy scents of dried leaves and dirt. An orchestra of birds and cicadas echoing from the darkness started the show. As a prelude, a ballerina appeared on the stage. Then, renowned stylists Lisa Yap, International Elite Artist & Education Manager from Shu Uemura and Hikimoto Yuko, also known as Director Stylist from Number76 Publika wowed the audience with a live on-stage demo. Ten gorgeous models in XIXILI’s latest collections and some yet-to-be-launched collections appeared on stage. The collections featured fashionable exotic python prints, safari leopard patterns and striking floral designs. On top of that, the audience were also invited to upload photos from the lingerie fashion show. Three lucky winners with the most creative photos would stand a chance to walk away with exclusive prizes from XIXILI, Shu Uemura and Number76. Official sponsors include Number 76, Shu Uemura, Arimino Tokyo, Body Perfect,...