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What a Teacher Wants…

Posted by on Jun 28, 2019 in Personal

What a Teacher Wants…

This last month has been an endless whir of farewell parties, presents, the graduation ceremony and goodbyes.

I’ve had endless conversations with students the last two weeks. Most of it was the same – Miss, we’re going to miss you. Why can’t you stay?

When you’ve been teaching the same bunch of kids for some time, in the same environment, you tend to start reflecting on what you’ve achieved, exactly. What is a teacher looking for from a student?

It’s easy to say that a teacher wants good results. But a kid does not have to come to school for that. What I want from my students are a whole lot more… I want them to be able to tell what’s right and wrong. I want them to be able to do the correct thing, even if it’s a difficult path to follow. I want them independent enough to think for themselves. These are so much more important than academic results (those are important as well, by the way, just not as highly ranked in my eyes).

Miss the place? Not really… Miss the job? I’m doing the same thing, in another place, so no… Miss the friends I’ve made here? Yes, definitely.

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